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the very word conjures up images of adventure and exploration. Let the “cruise” be for less intrepid travellers–a “voyage” is the real experience.

This is how we at Strand Voyages, and the majority of our customers, portray a journey by sea on a passenger carrying cargo vessel. It is truly something very different–a voyage of adventure.

At Strand we have been specialising in voyages on passenger carrying cargo vessels since 1987, and we are seen as leaders in this field, by customers and shipping lines alike. We have a dedicated team of specialists who really understand this form of travel and who have established strong connections with the world’s shipping lines.

So where can you go on a cargo ship?

You can sail to countries and ports that you never dreamed of visiting… The variety of ships and destinations is endless…

The answer is almost anywhere on earth! You can sail to countries and ports that you never dreamed of visiting, or you can simply cross the Atlantic in rather more comfort than in the back of a 747. The variety of ships and destinations is endless, and at the end of your voyage we can organise onward transportation, hotels and further sightseeing possibilities, as well as your return voyage.

You could find yourself on a container ship, a bulk carrier, a refrigerated ship, or a multi-purpose vessel. There are many different types, but all offer high standards of accommodation to only a small group of passengers, so that you can feel almost part of the crew!

When you have browsed through this website we hope that you will be excited enough to plan, with our help, your own voyage of exploration and adventure. Just pick up the phone and talk it through with an experienced member of our staff.

Andy Whitehouse
Voyages Manager

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